Why should I join the society

  • To keep abreast of the latest developments in the basic and applied aspects of science and nutrition.
  • To discuss with others your findings and views on diverse aspects of nutrition.
  • To develop professional contacts in India and outside with the fraternity of scientists concerned with nutrition and health.
  • To provide with special regard to young scientists, an opportunity not only for the exchange of knowledge but also for developing communication skills
  • To sensitize scientists in related disciplines to nutritional facets integral to their work. For example, agriculture and development have to be nutritionally relevant. Physicians must necessarily advise patients on matters of diet and nutrition. Social scientists need to understand the nutritional ethics of the community with which they work. Food technologists must take into account nutritional implications in processing foods. Nutrition presents basic biological scientists with challenging areas of research.
  • Encourages young and upcoming professionals in the field
  • Holds Panel Discussions on issues relevant to the formulations of Nutritional Policy in the country.