Guidelines for grants from NSI Headquarters

Resolved to release a grant to the extent of Rs.20,000/- to each active chapter to organize scientific / extension activities, related to nutrition science, which can be conducted in collaboration with other agencies. Funding would not exceed Rs.20,000/- per activity. On completion of the activity they should send the utilization certificate and retain the bills with them at least for five years. The following guidelines are formulated :

  • A grant to the extent of Rs.20,000/- per Chapter/year subject to a maximum of 5 Chapters per year on first-come-first serve basis may be granted, subject to availability of funds.
  • A resolution for organisation of the Workshop/Symposium by the Chapter should be made by at least 1/3rd of the members of the Chapter. There should be an academic institutional support for the seminar or symposium
  • The Chapter Convener intending to organise the Scientific Activity like Workshop/Symposium is expected to submit a brief proposal to the Headquarters, along with the resolution made by the members of the Chapter. The proposal should include nature of activity, expected outcome and estimated expenditure, source of funding, if any, from other agencies and organisations collaborating in the proposed activity.
  • The proposal will be screened either by the Executive Committee or Local Council of the Society, depending upon the period of submission of the proposal by the Chapter and dates of proposed activity and give clearance within three weeks for release of funds.
  • The Chapter Convener is expected to submit a copy of the Statement of Accounts to the Headquarters on completion of the activity and retain the relevant accounts with the Chapter for a minimum period of five years.
  • The Chapter should maintain a separate account for organisation of the said activity.
  • The Headquarters of the Society shall meet this expenditure out of the interest accrued on a corpus fund (to the extent of Rs. 10.00 lakhs) that is proposed to be created for this account.