Guidelines for structure of local executive committee of the chapter

Please follow the guidelines given below for formation of Local Executive Committee of the chapter:

1. The Executive Committee (EC) shall be limited to 9 members, which will include 3 Office-Bearers and 6 Committee members.

The composition of Executive Committee and their role & responsibilities:
  • Chapter Convenor – The convenor should be from an organization/institute/university/college (preferably in service), where the local chapter is located. The convenor has the responsibility of guiding and managing all the chapter activities, managing records, correspondence, submission of annual chapter reports to the headquarters, with the help of executive committee members.
  • Chapter Co-Convenor/Secretary – He/She should help the chapter convenor in all the above matters and in the absence of convenor, secretary also can take the responsibility of chapter activities.
  • Treasurer – Treasurer should be responsible for accounting, recording of receipts and expenditure related to the chapter activities.
  • Committee Members (6 nos): They should help the office bearers in all chapter activities on the instructions of Office Bearers.

2.Since the chapter is located at any organization/institute/university/college, the Head of the respective organization/institute/university/college shall be an Ex-Officio Member of the Executive Committee

3. The Immediate Past-Convenor shall continue to be a member of the Executive Committee and he/she should be the Ex-Officio Member of the Executive Committee.

4. The Convenor shall call for and preside over the Executive Committee and General Body Meetings of the Chapter.

5.The Convenor and/or Secretary will represent the chapter in the Annual National Conferences/Meetings of the Society and will be an observer in the National Executive Committee Meeting of the society.

6. The Executive Committee including the Chapter convenor, Secretary, and Treasurer will be elected once in two years along with executive committee members by conducting a local general body meeting of the chapter. The minutes of the meeting should be sent to the headquarters for taking approval of the formation of new executive committee.

7. All the office-bearers of the Executive Committee are eligible for re-election to the same post consequently only for one more term (total 4 years). However, re-election of the same member to the same post may be allowed after a minimum lapse of one term.

8. The term of the new executive body is starts from the financial year i.e. 1st April and ending of 31st March of the election year.