Guidelines and scoring for best performing chapter award

To institute a “Best Performing Chapter Prize” by the NSI Headquarters from the amount donated by the Mumbai Chapter and show as a Corpus Fund under the title “Best Performing Chapter Prize Corpus Fund” in the books of accounts of the Society and interest accrued on that fund is used for award every year. The following guidelines have been formulated for award of this Prize:

  • The activities should be Nutrition science related activities organized by the NSI Chapter and they should be scientific, knowledge exchange or extension activities.
  • Each Chapter should submit its report in the prescribed format (CHAPTER REPORT) covering the activities for the period April to March, to the NSI Headquarters.
  • A Panel of Judges/Special Committee comprising three senior members of the Society who are not associated with any of the Local Chapters constituted by the Headquarters will screen and assess the reports and award the Points.
  • Criteria for selection would be based on the type of scientific and extension activities conducted by the chapter during the preceding year in their region of operation.
  • Suggested scoring for purpose of objectivity
  • Conducting Workshops… 20 Points/Activity

    Conducting Symposia … 20 Points/Activity

    Special Events

    a) World Health Day … 5 Points/Activity
    b) World Breastfeeding Week … 5 Points/Activity
    c) National Nutrition Week … 5 Points/Activity
    d) World Food Day … 5 Points/Activity
    e) National Science Day … … 5 Points/Activity
    f) Any other special events … 5 Points/Activity

    Publications / press news

    a) Proceedings … 5 Points/Activity
    b) Reports … 5 Points/Activity
    c) Abstracts … 5 Points/Activity
    d) Press News … 5 Points/Activity
    e) Any others … 5 Points/Activity
  • The prize money will have an upper limit of Rs.20,000/- (Rupees twenty thousand only). The prize money should be utilized for the activities of the Chapter and a utilization certificate is to be submitted to the headquarters. g) The NSI Headquarters created a Corpus with suitable amount.