Guidelines for formation of a Local Chapter

A demand for the formation of the Chapter should come from the members residing in the concerned area. The following guidelines shall be adhered to in the formation of Chapters.

  • The president may permit the formation of a Chapter in a center if a minimum of thirty active members in that centre express in writing their desire to constitute themselves in to a separate Chapter with an assurance that they are in a position to organize an active progromme on behalf of the society.
  • Not more than one Chapter can be formed in any given centre
  • Whenever the membership falls below thirty, the Chapter will automatically cease to exist
  • The convener of the Chapter will be appointed by the Executive Committee. The secretary, who will be responsible for organizing the progromme for the Chapter, will be elected by the members of the concerned Chapter.
  • The Chapter could organize periodical meetings, lectures and seminars once a month or at least once in three months. Advantage may be taken of visits of the important nutrition scientists to the area for organizing such lectures. The report of the Proceedings may be sent to the Headquarters for incorporation in the annual report of the society.
  • Since the financial resources of the Society are limited, it will be difficult to subsidise the expenses of the Chapter from out of NSI funds. The President may, however, empower the Convener of each Chapter on behalf of the Nutrition Society of India, to collect such funds as may be necessary to meet the expenses for the functioning of the Chapter. Such collections received and expenses incurred, may be duly audited and approved by the members of the society of the Chapter.

Correspondence relating to meetings of the society and other related matters should be addressed to the Secretary, Nutrition Society of India (NSI), H/o National Institute of Nutrition (ICMR), Jamaio-Osmania PO, Hyderabad-500007, Telangana, sent to NSI email-ID Subscriptions may be paid through online from nsi website Receipts and certificate (for life membership only) are issued online after verification of membership form and payment. Change of address should be communicated immediately to NSI email-ID